Updated: March 6th 2018.

I introduce myself as an entrepreneurial personality. My grandparents migrated from India to Pakistan, after the Muslims in India gained Independence in 1947.

Both of my grandfathers were traders, my paternal grandfather a scrap trader in the city of Bhavnagar and my maternal grandfather a fabric trader from the city of Madras (Chenai). Hence, I belong to a small Muslim community from South Asia known as Memons. Memons have a long history of being mercantile tradesman and philanthropist and hence my introduction.

After the migration and independence, my maternal grandfather continued to trade fabric while my paternal grandfather expanded his ventures into; fodder (cattle feed), a glass factory, a marble factory, textiles factory, fisheries, gas-stations and ship-breaking. In present day times my family continues to be active in the trade of fabric and textiles.

I myself have been involved in the trade of fabric and textiles with significant time spent in executive business management and the export of apparel. Further experiences have included, internships in corporate financeaudit, experience in luxury retail, nonprofit management; research experience in finance, economics, legal and policy issues and research and consulting in the agriculture and startup industry. My studies in Philosophy, Economics and Business Administration complement my work-experience.

Below is a modest list of positions I have held since I graduated from High-School in 2002.

Some Key Accomplishments:

• Research and Administrative experiences with UC Davis. Worked in the spheres of social justice, economic justice, economic development and global affairs. 

• Economic and Financial Researcher and TA at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

• 14+ years in an international business with a P&L responsibility of $2M-$5M.
• Management experience of a team of 10 managers and a 500+ labor force.
• Extensive sales and client relationship management with over $20M+ in contracts secured.
• Work experience with multinational firms such as, British Home Stores, Polo Ralph Lauren, Buffalo Jeans, Enyce, Mecca, Star Ride Kids, Aeropostale, Beverley Hill Polo Club, Fruit of the Loom.
• Production management of apparel export orders in the ballpark of $2M-$5M yearly.
• Advisory position with an industrial association an umbrella for 2000+ industrial concerns and an involvement in an annual output of $50M+. Extensive work in economic  development and industrial sector development.

curriculum-vitae-MA-Resume, Research Statement –

Executive Experience:

Aisha Enterprises

Vice President: Aisha Enterprises, Karachi, Pakistan and USA. (March ’04 – June ’17).

Research Experience: 

Cross Cultural Centre- UC Davis.

  • VIP: Cross Cultural Community Centre: UC Davis (Jan 2017-June 2017)

UC Davis Writing

  • Researcher: UC Davis – Study Title: Metacognition in Information and Research Writing. (August 2015).

UC Davis – Agriculture Resource EconomicsMinistry of Development and Social Inclusion –

  • Q&A Session- UC Davis and Peru. (March 2015).

Impact Assessment – Decal , Qualitative Trading – Decal , Quantitative Trading – Decal

  • Researcher: Quantitative Trading Class, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. (Jan ’13 -June ‘14).
  • Researcher: Nevara- UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. (Jan ‘13 – June ‘14).

Volunteer Experience:

  • Liaison: North Karachi Industrial Association: Economic Empowerment, Business and Industrial Development. (Jan ‘10-Present) North Karachi Industrial Association
  • Liaison: Bhavnagar Memon Jamat (March ‘14–Present).
  • Host: Service for International Students and Scholars- UC Davis (September 2016). SISS – UC Davis

Additional Work Experiences:

  • Business Administrator – Hunza Graphics – (April 2012 – August 2013).
  • Customer Service Specialist – Lord & Taylor – (June 2008 – September 2010).
  • Import Export Analyst – Spirit Tex LLC – (June 2009 – December 2009).
  • Co-Founder – RKTM LLC – (January 2008- December 2009).
  • Sales Associate – Century 21 Department Stores – (April 2008 – May 2008).
  • Sales Associate – Circuit City – (February 2008 – April 2008).
  • Computer Lab Supervisor – Owens Community College – (September 2007 – December 2007).
  • Accounting Intern- TPL Holdings (Pvt) Limited – (May 2005 – August 2005).
  • Audit Intern: Rauf Ayoob Chartered Accountants – (Mar 2004 – Aug 2004).