On John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism. Principle of Utility, Moral Associations.

Recently with the Covid-crises earlier on in March I decided to write my research and teaching philosophy. Mostly inspired by Marquette, the need to do so and finding the time right to make a move that I deem to be for the good.

Hence, I chose John Stuart Mill as pillar to stand the impact of time.

I have found myself reading the ultimate sanction of principal of utility.

This passage recently seeks to stand out as it suits the a certain delve into the artificial and the intellectual culture and the yields.

“But moral associations which are wholly of artificial creation , when the intellectual culture goes on yield by degrees to the dissolving of analysis and if the feeling of duty when associated with utility would appear equally arbitrary if there were no leading department of our nature no powerful class of sentiments with which that association would harmonize which would make us feel congenial and incline us not only to foster it in other (for which we have abundant interested motives), but also to cherish it in ourselves – if there were not in short a natural basis of sentiment for utilitarian morality it might well happen that this association also when after it had been implanted by education might analyzed away.

John Stuart Mill – Utilitarianism 1868 Speech on Capital Punishment 2nd Editions – Edited by George Sher.

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