Schism in Philosophy and Ripples in the Sands of Time.

Muhammad Mustafa Rashid

It is of no surprise that there exist many schism in Philosophy. Especially in Medieval Philosophical times when violence and unsophisticated war methods were used, many wounds have existed for centuries. The recent political move by Turkey is one which sheds light to the schisms in Philosophy. Political moves such as the one in Turkey and in contrast the political circumstances of Cordoba, cause ripples through the sands of time that can exist for generations to come. A certain unique schism in Islamic Philosophy exists between the schools of though of Al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd (Averros). Hence, there exists this rift between Al-Ghazali and Ibn-Rushd, where Al-Ghazali is concerned with leaning too much towards Aristotelian and Neoplatonic ideas in developing ideas of God. Relying more on normality, and a close interpretation of the Holy Book. While Ibn-Rushd, response is sophisticated representation of the Aristotelian view. Therefore, when debates of Divine…

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