Industrial-R&D-American Manufacturing-Eleanor. Trends 2016-2017.

Industrial Research Institute. R&D Report – 2016

Industrial Research Institute – 2017

For decades the United States has been a leader in R&D and manufacturing. The existence of companies such as Ford are a testament to this legacy.

In an interesting report by the Industrial Research Institute presents important statistics regarding the facts of the matter.

US and China hold prominence over R&D research funding with Asia holding as much as 42% of the R&D share. (2016).

Industrial R&D is the main driver behind R&D funding.

IRI 2017 forecasts an increase of  “3.4% in 2017 to $2.066 trillion in purchasing power parity (PPP)”

Conclusion: Although there is optimist sentiment, the R&D funding has slowed down since the mid of 2016.

Trends to watch:

“A number of technological trends, which include biopharmaceuticals, automation and robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, autonomous transportation systems, unmanned aerial systems and advanced military and weapons systems, ensure that technology will continue to drive new advances for the next five years and beyond. Global warming, energy resources, and food production do not appear to represent insurmountable challenges.”



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