An Interesting Article on the Legacy and History of Christian – Muslim Relationships. 1500- Present.

Christian – Muslim – Relationship

George Town – Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs

As a young child growing up in Pakistan, a country that is an Islamic Republic and heavily influenced by British Indian history, most of my years were spent in a Catholic High School. Even though Pakistan has a majority Muslim population, there do exist Christians in the country. I grew up with these Christians kids who are very dear to me and my childhood friends.

Many of the teachers were Christian as well and I spent many years in a neighborhood, with a unique blend of architecture. A combination of old British architecture blended in with Indian architecture and Muslim Architecture. I grew up in with a strong sense of identity and culture which is very unique to certain parts of South Asia.

I remember growing up in a class of 40 and we grew up as one class, one shared identity.

It was quite interesting to travel all the way to the US where the population was predominantly Christian and to find myself as a minority. It is always with reverence that I go and sit on the steps of St. Patrick’s church in New York City. I am reminded of my times at home and it feels like I never left.

As a Muslim having understood the differences in respective religions and having studied many philosophical positions and having worked across cultures, I find myself fulfilled to see the existence of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions. I find it to be beautiful.

The above article outlines the development of the Christian relationship with Muslims and how these relationships have grown over many a years all the way from the 15th century to present day times.

Although written from the perspective of Christian Theology I find it to be quite interesting as I myself have read many of the works written in good faith by Christian Theologians and Academics on Islam and I look forward to more.






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