The Art of Management – The Sovereign, The General and the Cavalry Charge.

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Understanding political philosophy and statecraft is essential to understanding power structures in companies and leaders.

Since humans started domesticating horses, cavalry has become an integral part of the Army. The evolution of heavy cavalry and heavily armored ground forces has been spectacular to say the least.

In warfare history, there are many instances when the cavalry was used with devastating effect.

The Mongols with their horse archers were feared in the 12th century.

The cavalry charge was used to devastating effect all the way till WWII.

Many a great philosopher has written on the Art of War and the Eastern Philosopher Master Sun Tzu is among the most well known. His book is interestingly a part of the curriculum of management and provides for wise words in regards to strategic management.

Another well-known Philosopher of high repute is Machiavelli. An Italian philosopher who’s writings from the 16th century still hold true when applied to corporate power structures.

Other philosophers of note would be John Rawls, and of course Professor Singer and his work in ethical philosophy.

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