Great Men have been amongst us. A tough few years for Ethicists and Economists.

William Wordsworth – GREAT men have been among us; hands that penned
And tongues that uttered wisdom–better none:

Codrington Library - Oxford All Souls

It seems that 1986 was an interesting year for Ethicists.

Paul Taylor a well known Philosopher who sadly passed away in October 2015 penned his book “Respect of Nature: A Theory of Environmental Ethics.

The book is an interesting read and explores the field of environmental ethics, biocentrism and deep ecology. The book itself and more of Professor Taylor’s readings would inspire generations to come.

Derek Parfit a renowned Philosopher from All Souls Oxford recently passed away in 2017. His work focusing on Ethics and Identity has inspired many scholars and he was a recipient of many a awards.

Kenneth Arrow another well known Economist a recipient of many awards and the von Neumann Theory Prize in 1986 also passed away in 2017.

Arrow himself focused on the intersection between Economic and Ethics inspired by perhaps the thinking of economist such Amartya Sen. Therefore, he penned On Ethics and Economics: Conversations with Kenneth J. Arrow.

This books is quite recent and coincidently was published in 2016, a time when I was greatly involved in the subject.

His work shows great promise and thought leadership that is very inspiring.

Last but not the least, this year also saw the passing of away of Tom Reagan who is one of the pioneers of Animal Ethics. His work on rights holds great importance and is quite legendary to say the least.

There have been other greats in the academia who have recently left us. Such as the well known game theorist Professor Nash.

But what they all had in common was a dedication to research and advancing knowledge.

Definitely inspiring and thought provoking.



Written by Muhammad Mustafa Rashid

I am a Philosophy graduate from University of California, Davis; my interests encompass the fields of Philosophy, Economics and Business Administration. I have a keen appreciation of nature, the cosmos and their respective bounties, and I am always thoughtful regarding the growth and well-being of nations. I also hold a M.A. in Economics and I am working towards my MBA Master of Business Administration at the University of Detroit Mercy. On this website, you will find occasional posts, links to my social media profiles such as; LinkedIn,, Facebook, details regarding my Education, Work Experiences and other worthy thoughts.

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